Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"People Got a Lotta Nerve."

Heck, I want in on this too. Here's the new Neko Case single, "People Got A Lotta Nerve." (Why didn't she name the song "People Gotta Lotta Nerve"? Whatever. Irrelevant.) Neko and her label, ANTI-, promise to donate US$5 to Best Friends Animal Society for every blog that posts the song, and for every iLike user who posts the song to a profile.

Neko Case will be in Toronto for a two night stand at Trinity St. Paul's church on 17-18 April.


Steve said...

"People Gotta Lotta Nerve" would have a completely different delivery.

(Says the theatre nerd).

Steve said...

Scooped me on the upcoming concert dates, too! Tabernac...