Friday, February 29, 2008

no shame!!

I was feeling much better Thursday morning, and by the evening had decided that no matter what, I would definitely go to the Drake for No Shame. It's been too long since I went out, and last night's lineup was just too good to miss: Leif Vollebekk, boats!!, Amos the Transparent, and Two-Minute Miracles. A few friends of mine would be there, too.

After a longer-than-usual trek out to the Drake---the Queen St. fire meant the streetcar took a detour---I arrived in time to catch most of Leif Vollebekk's set. And, wow! That man is quite something. As is true of other artists who perform solo, his recorded tunes don't do justice to the near-spiritual experience that the live set was. I might be exaggerating a bit, but not much. He didn't have extra CDs with him, so I'll have to get one when his album comes out in May.

Next up was Winnipeg's boats!!, who are on a country-wide tour. I missed them when they played at the Boat last Thursday, so was keen to see them last night. Before they came on, I started chatting with a guy sitting near me. Turns out he's finishing up a PhD at York, and did archival research at the Hudson's Bay archives! We talked about history until the music started. The band was quite fun. I can imagine they have had some pretty lively shows in the past. I'd be happy to see them again, hopefully on a night when I'm feeling better and there's more of a crowd out. They are playing Sneaks on Sunday, as part of Wavelength with The Weather Station and Muscox. Now there's another reason to go to that show!

The third act of the night, and the one that drew me out, was Amos the Transparent. I like this band a lot. Their album is great, and I'll see them again in a month, when they open for Basia Bulat at Lee's Palace. Although they were really tired from driving and playing shows for the past few days, they played like they weren't. I'm looking forward to seeing them when they're well rested and don't have a long drive back home hanging over their heads. The crowd had filled up a bit more by their set, but it was still thin. It's too bad, really, 'cause it was warm at the Drake and the music thus far had been great.

In between sets, I made a new friend and generally had a fun time. (None of my friends came out to the show.) I brought a package of Lindt chocolates with me, and did my best to hand them out to everyone there. My cold was beginning to catch up with me by the time Two-Minute Miracles came on. I stayed for most of their set---and thought they were really good---but then I just had to leave. I got home just as my medicine was wearing off.

What a great show!

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