Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dissertation avoidance.

I've been avoiding my dissertation the past few days. I know, it's bad. I will stop avoiding it soon. I had a busy weekend of going to shows---meh, meh, and then FUN---and Monday afternoon I spent several hours at the Boat, being an extra for the Gravity Wave movie. That was kinda fun, and I really should have been at home working instead. But not many people showed up, and I was the only one who brought CDs (to use as props), so I think it was good that I was there.

In other news, the fridge is now working again. It keeps working and then a few weeks later not working again. It's really annoying. But at least the landlord is good and comes to fix it pretty much right away. Still, I think he just needs to spring for a new fridge for us.

I have some meetings tomorrow, which is making me grumpy. And I signed on to do some work for a prof., but now am kinda regretting it. Extra cash is good, but I really don't need more excuses not to dissertate.

Why are my landlord and his wife having an argument/discussion at 2:30am? They are old, and ought to be asleep.

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