Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Write crap, write something."

Uh, ok, FN. Some thoughts:

- Don't pluck your eyebrows too much when you're young. You'll regret it later!
- Make time for big breakfasts every once in a while. I recommend banana pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup.
- EC just introduced us to the marvels of eBay and Oh, we're so gonna display our nerdiness on our walls!
- Israel is problematic. The whole world is problematic. People suck.
- I have a Russian leaders matrioshka doll. It has Putin, Yeltsin, Gorby, Stalin, and Lenin, and they all have Russian-style hats with Soviet symbols on them. Awesome.
- I have to read Russian history this week. Don't get me wrong: I like grad school, and I like reading about stuff. But, right now, I hate Russian history!
- Our landlord fixed the plaster on our bathroom ceiling. He also painted over some of the grime on the walls. Yay!
- I'm waiting for the printer to call, so I can make plans to pick up the newsletter. Exciting!


ec said...

dont forget todays conclusions about the futility and decadence of marriage.

Jen P. said...

Right: huge, expensive weddings and driving big gas-guzzlers, and commuting, and etc. are all very "un-Christian." And, for me, just plain odd. I don't get it. Ok, I get it, but I'm disappointed that people don't think much beyond their own personal, materialistic wants. Unfortunate and bizarre. (Not that I'm the poster child for living a good life, mind you!)