Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back online.

The last eight days, in point-form:

Thursday -- Electrical storm. The power goes off . . . and stays off for 8 hours. How annoying. BBQ at CS's. Fun. Come home to power back on. Turn on computer . . . and discover that my AC adapter/plug no longer works. Ack! Turn off computer.

Friday -- Call HP to order another adapter/plug. Told I should order it online. Checked e-mail at Trinity and order aforementioned computer part. Lunch with main supervisor and another grad student. Laundry, shopping for party.

Saturday -- Mexican-themed Canada Day fiesta!

Sunday -- Reading.

Monday -- To Robarts, check e-mail, get more books to read.

Tuesday -- To other campus libraries. Run into and chat with a handful of different people from department. Spend WAY too much time doing this. Need to read.

Wednesday -- Missed Purolator delivery of adapter/power cord. Grrr! Who delivers before 9am?! Arrange for redelivery.

Thursday -- Wake up early to not miss delivery. Have working computer again! Read. Bake cookies with EC; eat dinner and watch Rushmore with EC and FN. Exhausted but must read for meeting tomorrow. And, need to call HD at 11:40pm. Must not forget.

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Jen P. said...

Sorry for the boring post. I really am more interesting than this . . . I think!