Monday, July 10, 2006

An academic milestone.

I just finished writing my first peer-review report for a scholary journal. How cool is that? (Notice how I wrote "first," implying that I foresee doing more of this kind of thing? My subconscious must be telling me that it thinks I should be an academic. Awesome.)

I decided when I woke up Sunday afternoon that I really should read that article. I mean, it came in the mail almost two months ago. Half-way through reading the article, I looked at the cover letter, and realized that there was a deadline indicated. Oops: I was supposed to have it done a month ago! Oh well.

Anyways, I read it, marked it up, and then have been writing the report for the last several hours. Interesting process. Kind of like marking a student paper, which is how my main supervisor said it would be like. Except that this took much longer, and the paper itself was a little higher quality than first-year papers. And, yes, I did mean to write "a little." Because the paper wasn't very good.

And, no, I'm not gonna tell you which journal the paper was submitted to, or what it was about. Anonymous peer-reviewing, remember? I will say that I felt qualified to comment on this particular piece, though.

P.S. There's a fly flying around my room, and it's annoying me.

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