Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alarm-clock SNAFU spoils World Cup plans.

I was supposed to be able to write all about my football adventure today. But, I completely missed the game. Because I was sleeping.

Friends had invited me to go to a pub on Yonge Street to watch England's opening match against Paraguay. The game started at 9am (our time), so we were gonna meet at the pub at 8am to make sure we got seats. Apparently, the game was a big deal, because we had to buy tickets to get in! I had been warned by other, slightly older and yuppie-er friends that this particular pub was a little sketchy, and that I should watch out for the soccer hooligans. And, since I don't really like soccer---I find all the fake writhing and screaming annoying, and totally unsportsmanlike---I wasn't thrilled about getting up that early in the morning. But, I felt like I should go, and that it would be a cultural experience, so I set my alarm clock for 6:30 this morning. Ugh. (I went to bed at 2:30am in preparation for this... and that's pretty early, by my standards.)

The alarm duly went off at 6:30. I hit the snooze button, as usual, to get an extra 9 minutes shut-eye in. So far, so good. But... my alarm didn't go off again 9 minutes later... or ever! In fact, I didn't wake up again until 9:38am, at which point there was really no good reason for getting up, so went back to sleep... only to wake up for real at 2pm. So I missed the game. But it's okay. I like sleep better than football/soccer any day.

Hopefully my friends won't hate me.

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