Monday, May 18, 2009

Podcast 40 (21-23 May 2009).

This is a special episode all about the Over the Top Festival, featuring the festival's creater and organizer, Eric Warner. Jen and Tyler have a conversation with Eric, and play songs from bands performing during the 3-day event, including Clues ("Remember Severed Head"), Think About Life ("Johanna"), The Wooden Sky ("North Dakota"), Woods ("The Dark"), Tiny Masters of Today ("Skeletons"), and Five Blank Pages ("Stem Skin & Pit").

Eric tells us about how the festival has grown over the years---he started it when he was but 17 years old!---and that he's really excited about the inclusion of the play "The Book of Judith." Eric's also been, and is, involved in a bunch of other music-related projects over the years, and he shares some of his experiences with us. He stresses how a lot of supportive, friendly people have really helped him out and made being "on the outskirts of the scene" a really positive thing for him. Bands he's really keen on seeing at this year's festival include Clues, Bayonets, Think About Life, Woods, The Budos Band, and Tiny Masters of Today. But every band is one he's keen to see perform. Too bad he'll be so busy running from place to place and making sure everything's running smoothly that he'll get little chance to take in the bands he's booked!

The Over the Top Festival runs this weekend (Thursday-Saturday) at a variety of regular and alternative venues around town. There are advance tickets for many of the shows, available at Rotate This and Soundscapes. You can also purchase a festival pass, which gets you into all the music, films, plays (but not "The Book of Judith"). Tickets for most shows will also be available at the door. All music events are all ages. There's great stuff happening!


To make for this, head over to this special festival preview post, full of free songs to download from the artists performing, and all the show details.

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