Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Podcast 39 (14-19 May 2009).

Jen and Tyler welcomed Bryan David Ward and Justin Myler from the Brampton / Toronto band Black Hat Brigade to the podcast this week. We talked about their new record; the interplay between song-writing, performance, and recording; touring and building a fan base; promotion and fundraising techniques for bands; and some other stuff. Featuring songs by Black Hat Brigade ("Kitchen Party"), The Speaking Tongues ("Run To My Door"), Mantler ("Hoped For Chance"), Radius & Helena ("Double Dragon"), The Craft Economy ("Big Purse Lil' Dawg"), and Diamond Rings ("All Yr Songs" [taken from here]).

Black Hat Brigade have a new EP out called Fathers. Their CD release party is happening 29 May at El Mocambo as part of Pitter Patter Fest. The new disk has been getting nice reviews. Plus, I like it.

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