Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Current favourites.

A few different people have asked me recently what are my favourite bands. I have so many, but I think my two most played bands are the amazing Great Lake Swimmers and the fantastic Born Ruffians. These are followed closely by the Acorn. I will love Cuff the Duke forever and always. And while were in the folky genre, I love Basia Bulat (esp. live), Forest City Lovers, Ghost Bees, $100, The Wooden Sky, Timber Timbre, and The Weather Station. More poppy stuff that I think is awesome includes The Rural Alberta Advantage and Two Hours Traffic. Amos the Transparent makes me happy. For weirder stuff, Slim Twig is great. Laura Barrett is brilliant, as is Tune-Yards. The best dance music ever (right now) is made by Woodhands and Green Go. Maybe the best show I ever went to featured Think About Life, Miracle Fortress, Ruby Coast, and Adam & the Amethysts.

Since I am Toronto-centric, my picks are inevitably Toronto-centric, but when I was in Berlin in November I saw Okkervil River and Shearwater on the same bill. Heaven.

Satisfied? I can post .mp3s for download if you like. Leave a comment with your request(s)!

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nowhere said...

I've been talking about that Think About Life show as one of the best I've been to as well.