Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ticket/CD Giveaway: Green Go (CD release) @ Wrongbar, 30 Apr.

First, I review the new album. Scroll down further for a couple song downloads for contest details.

As a live music fan rather than an avid clubber, I prefer bands to DJs—no disrespect intended. But I do like dancing, and once in a while a really top-notch electro group can get me really moving. Woodhands, of course. But perhaps my second favourite is a young Guelph band called Green Go.

Up to now, to take a bit of the party home with me, I've had to do with a smattering of demo songs, a sampler/teaser given out at shows since the fall, and their more recent remixes of some of my favourite Canadian bands. But now---well, next Tuesday---Green Go's got their debut full-length ready. And, as expected, it's great.

Standout tracks on Borders include "You Know You Want It," "Ghosts of the Future," and "Fool Me Once." "You Know You Want It" is a fast-paced number with interesting, inventive synth lines, two drummers, and multiple vocal parts. "Fool Me Once" is the high point of the album for me. It starts out slow then gets fast, moving back and forth a couple times, highlighting the importance of the vocals and lyrics on the album. Impressive synth, bass, and guitar lines play off each other, backed up by drums. I would think it impossible not to dance to this one. There's also more standard electro pop like the uber catchy "Brains for Breakfast," and the fun, energetic songs I most associate with this band: "Put Your Specs On Boy," "Cash Money Gremlins," and "Watch Your Step."

The slow songs are some of the ones that really got me into this band, but Toronto crowds can be fickle, so the downtempo ones ("Set Me Free," "Danger Bay") aren't always performed. On the album, listeners can really appreciate the intricacies of good dance music: speed and freneticism are cool and all, but Green Go gives you a more varied workout.

Download: "You Know You Want It" (Borders, 2009).
Download: "Fool Me Once" (Borders, 2009).

Cleary, I'm a fan, and I'm thrilled the record so marvelously captures the qualities that impress me about the band's music. I last saw them at Sneaky Dee's a couple months back, and have been itching to get to their next show ever since. And now here's my chance. And yours.

To celebrate the long-anticipated release of their debut album, Borders, the band's playing next Thursday, 30 April, at Wrongbar. (This is the very venue Woodhands chose to release their album a year ago. Actually, I haven't been back since. But enough about me and Woodhands.) The party will go all night: in addition to Green Go, the bill features fellow Guelphites The Magic, Toronto synth-ers Everything All the Time, and the guys from OPOPO in the DJ booth. Stellar.

Courtesy No Shame I've got a pair of tickets to a show and a copy of the new CD to give away. For a chance at the prize, email me at historyjenATgmailDOTcom. Put "I want to dance with Green Go" in the subject line, and your full name in the body of the message. The winner will have to get him- or herself to the show, so Torontonians (at least for next Thursday night) only, please. Get your message to me by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 29 April. If you don't win, tickets at just $5 at the door.

Wee! Green Go!

Fine print: No Shame presents Green Go (CD release), The Magic, Everything All the Time, and OPOPO DJs @ Wrongbar, 9pm, $5. Facebook event.

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