Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast 35 (15-19 Apr 2009).

On this episode, Jen and Tyler welcome Rancho Relaxo's talent booker, Dan Wolovick, to the podcast. Featuring songs of Dan's choosing (and a couple others) including B'MO Crazy ("Baristro"), BBQ / Mark Sultan ("Hold On"), Burn Planetarium ("Young Chameleons"), The Sound of Sea Animals ("Act 17, Chapter 2 Almost 3"), Snowblink ("Rut and Nuzzle"), and The Main Drag ("Love During Wartime").

This weekend Dan's celebrating his 2 year anniversary of putting on shows. Congrats to Dan and his Two Way Monologues series.

The Snowblink song comes from a charity compilation project called Hibiscus & Rosehips.

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