Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Podcast 37 (29 April - 3 May 2009).

Tyler and Jen welcome Lowell Sostomi and Andrew Kekewich from the Toronto band Great Bloomers to the podcast. In between chatting we play songs by Ponytail ("Beg Waves"), John Doe & the Sadies ("Are the Good Times Really Over for Good?"), Green Go ("Put Your Specs on Boy"), Sports ("Warn Me"), Great Bloomers ("Speak of Trouble"), and The Rural Alberta Advantage (untitled song, WOXY [Cincinnati radio station] live recording).

Great Bloomer's new album, Speak of Trouble, is now out from Maple Music. It's super great. If you're at all into, well, "Canadiana"---lyric-driven pop with a country-roots flair---grab a copy for yourself at your local independent record store, or buy it online.

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[Photo of Great Bloomers taken at a show at the Trepid House in Waterlook last weekend, by Owen Cherry.]

Oh, and I should add this video my friend Colin Medley took of the band not long ago in Toronto:

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