Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shout out.

This here's a different type of shout out. Instead of bands, I want to salute Colin Medley, the National Post's music videographer. Colin's been a big booster of Canadian music for years, and recently won a Bucky Award for "top fan," voted for by CBCR3 listeners. Well, heck, I totally want that award!

But anyways, now that Colin's based in Toronto full-time, he's been able to film more local bands at local venues. Just last week, I ran into him at both shows I was at. You can get a sense of our week in indie music from the following videos. (They are both available in fancy HD.)

Gentleman Reg @ Soundscapes:

Evening Hymns @ Sneaky Dee's:

Colin also made it out to see Great Bloomers at the Drake, a great young band with a debut full-length coming out soon, who have been impressing me and my friends as of late.

Finally, here's his latest "Soundcheck" vid. for the Post. This one was shot with Ohbijou (and Jeff and Rolf from The Acorn) in the afternoon before their Lee's Palace show back at the end of November. And, guess what? I was at that show too.

For more videos, see Colin's website, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


ken craine said...

there's no one like him.

Zygkid said...

i'll put you in for the bucky fan award

John said...

Colin, I'll pay you back tomorrow, I totally promise. In the meantime, we're all out of mayonnaisse.

The R.O.B. said...

Very cool.