Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CD Giveaway: Amos the Transparent.

Ottawa's Amos the Transparent's star has been rising since the 2007 release of their full-length, Everything I've Forgotten to Forget. Jonathan Chandler and co. are critical darlings among the indie music set, and gain fans quickly and easily during each and every show they play, at least here in Toronto. I've seen the band perform a handful of times, and they like to keep things fresh: no song is performed ever exactly alike. In the spirit of keeping fans on their toes, the band's releasing a new EP this week, and it's got some nice surprises on it. The band's sound is evolving, and the EP (My, What Big Teeth You Have...) covers a broader swath of indie rock territory than did the album. (That's my take, anyways.)

My current favourite song is "Greater Than Consequence," though last night I was considering changing it to "The M.O.B. Catalogue." "Up, Up, and Away" is totally Amos, if you know what I mean. Mean drumming rock things up on the first track, "This Town," while still keeping things a little familiar. Amos show regulars will welcome the proper release of "Lemons," a song we've been hearing live for a while now. And you will welcome the chance to get a free copy of the new disk! Thanks to the band/Audioblood Media, I've got three copies to give away.

Want one? Send me an e-mail at historyjenATgmailDOTcome with "Amos" in the subject line, and your full name and address in the body. This one's open to Canadian residents. You've got until Sunday night, 15 March, at 11:59pm to get this in to me, and I'll pick random winners! If you're in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Cambridge, or Windsor, Amos the Transparent's got some shows in your town this week. Go see them! Buy their records! Here's a little more enticement.

Download: "Lemons, AKA (BigFishLittlePond)" from My, What Big Teeth You Have... (2009).

Download: "Title Track," from 2007's Everything I've Forgotten to Forget.

More love for the new EP here, here, and here.

Have I mentioned that I love this band? I DO!

UPDATE: I got winners. Congrats to David, Shirley, and Thomas!

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