Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No listings this week . . . but here are LOTS of suggestions!

Ah, sorry folks! No listings this week. BUT, the podcast should be up Wednesday afternoon, and we cover much ground on it. Canadian Musicfest is happening Wednesday through Sunday, and if you don't already have a wristband, you can still get one for $50, or a day pass for $25, or you can buy tickets to some of the individual shows through the CMW website, or at the door to many of the shows. Wristbands are the way to go if you plan on seeing multiple things. Check out the full schedule here.

What's not included in that schedule are of course shows that have nothing to do with CMW, and last time I checked the shows at Annies on Queen weren't listed either. There's at least one great show of note at that venue: The Kettle Black, Wax Mannequin, and Pants & Tie play there on Wednesday; $7 cover, or free with wristband, and doors are at 9pm. Times Neue Roman headline a show at Augusta House on Wednesday, too. I heard they were great at Wavelength last Sunday. That show has a $5 cover, 9pm doors, and also features Velvet Trench Vibes, Cale Sampson, and Art of Fresh. Terror Lake's at Smiling Buddha (9pm, $5, with Magic People and Pace the Stairs), and Wombat Wednesdays continue at Tranzac, this week with the aimtoronto orchestra, Alex Lukashevsky, and Muskox (8:30pm, $6). Also at Tranzac (in the Southern Cross Lounge), Michael Holt and Thomas are performing Thursday night (10pm, pwyc). Sounds lovely. Catch Fighter/Lover and Modele at the Boat (9pm, $5) on Thursday too.

On Friday, new venue Jamie's Area (193 Augusta Ave.) hosts Pony Da Look, Huckleberry Friends, and Tamsen & Elliot. That's a $5 cover show. Doors are at 9pm, with bands playing 9:30pm to midnight. Stick around for DJ Daniel Vila afterward. Saturday night at Jamie's Area, catch Slim Twig, Brides, and Broken Tree Fort. Another great bill, same details as the Friday show. In the afternoon of the 14th, at Trash Palace (89B Niagara St.), The Rural Alberta Advantage headlines an all-ages show which also features Dinosaur Bones, Great Bloomers, and Peachcake. This will sell-out . . . unless there's a blizzard, I suppose. Doors are at 1pm, cover is $6, and you can have popcorn while you dance. That night, Trash Palace will be hopping yet again, for a very different kind of show: Uncut and Japandroids. This is an early show, and cheap -- $5, with the bands on at 9pm and 10pm. Also on Saturday night, Megan Hamilton is playing a solo set at Delaware House with some other bands/performers. (This is a house show, but you're invited!) Keep your ears to the wind and you'll probably hear about other house shows and afterparties. With so many bands in town, and so many music lovers (and industry types) wanting to celebrate and party with them, there's bound to be a ton of things on the go.

Finally, Sunday see's Audioblood Media's tea party (for real) at the Boat, featuring Holler, Wild Rose!, Our History of Cowboys, The Paint Movement, Great Lenin's Ghost, and Serb Superb. They'll be art on display, too. Should be a nice chill evening, but not too chill, since some of those bands are pretty high energy! Doors 8:30pm, $5 cover. Over at Sneaky Dee's, Wavelength plays host to Vancouver band Japandroids, playing with We Take Lovers and Full Speed Velocipede. Cover is pwyc as usual, doors 9pm.

And there you have it, my non-CMW suggestions, though please definitely check the festival schedule . . . so many of the bands I rave about all the time are playing!

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