Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Podcast 31 (11-15 March 2009).

Recorded at Rancho Relaxo during Showcho 8, with mini-interviews with Ben McLean (Showcho host and organizer), Dan Wolovick (Rancho's booker), Greg from Ottawa band The Urban Aesthetics, and Scott from The Wilderness of Manitoba (and other bands) and organizer of shows at Delaware House. We play songs from bands playing both Canadian Musicfest and non-CMW shows, including Lioness ("Harder They Fall"), Chad VanGaalen ("Willow Tree"), Amos the Transparent ("Greater Than Consequence," off their brand new EP), The Darling DeMaes ("Stomach Ghost"), The Rural Alberta Advantage ("Drain the Blood"), Brides ("Play Glass"), and Japandroids ("Young Hearts Spark Fire").

We're bringing you music from Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Guelph, and Vancouver. Should be a good one to tune into!

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iTunes (subscribe)Here's a photo of me, Greg, Ben, and Tyler at Rancho Relaxo, having dinner before Showcho. Photo by Megan Hamilton.

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Anonymous said...

I love that restaurant downstairs. Best (technically only) chimichanga I've ever had.