Saturday, August 09, 2008

Polk & the Dots.

Thursday night I went with my sister, my dad, and a neighbour to see my brother's band perform a lengthy set at Mavericks. The show was to benefit a charity, so we each shilled out $10 for cover, and didn't grumble too much about it.

My brother---Polk, of Polk & the Dots---is the vocalist for the band, and doesn't play an instrument. He is backed up by excellent musicians on six-string bass, electric guitar, keyboard, and drums. These guys know what they're doing. They are a young rock band, mostly of the straight-up variety, though there's some funk and some indie inflection of a few tunes. The covers were well handled, if not far off from the original arrangements. My brother's got a great voice for this kind of stuff, and everything sounded as it should have, with perhaps moments where I'd wished for louder keys or guitar. I understand the choice to go for only one guitarist, but I wonder whether a second one would improve their sound. But overall, fun! It was neat to see my brother in the role of "rock star," something I've never seen before.

Some photos from the show:

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