Saturday, August 09, 2008

Navan Fair.

On Thursday and Saturday I spent some time at the Navan Fair. This once-a-year 4-day event happens just down the street from where my parents live. It was the reason I picked this weekend to come visit. I didn't grow up in Navan, and I don't know much about rural culture (nor was I ever into carnival things), so the fair is a weird thing for me. But I do enjoy the glimpse into agricultural life, especially the various exhibits and competitions that get people excited. Like the antique tractor pull, the various horse shows, the demolition derbys, and the agricultural and bakery exhibits. I especially like the horse shows, and the heavy horse competition most especially. Not that I get it, but it's really something to see a few 8-horse hitches moving around a dirt-filled hockey arena.

Here's a few photos I took so you too can get a taste of the agricultural life. First, the demolition derby (well, one of them). A woman won.Second, this is the antique tractor pull competition. I didn't stay long. Third, a shot of the competitors in the 3-horse hitch. There were 8 teams, so many that even from the top of the bleachers I couldn't get them all in a shot.Fourth, the 8-horse hitch was something to behold. There were a couple rough spots, which nearly gave me a heart attack. Those horses move fast, and those turns are tight. This year there were only three competitors. One year I saw 8 teams of 8 all lined up in this arena at the same time. They haven't done that since. It's just too dangerous. But wow, was it ever something to see.
Fifth, a shot from the midway.

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Canadian Bento said...

My friends and I used to go to the Navan fair when I was in High School. All I remember is winning at Bingo. YAY me!