Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Navan Fair, cont'd.

I went back to the fair on Sunday for more horses and to get my fill of rural/suburban activities. My parents' house is close to the fair ground, less than 10 minutes' walk away. So there's really no excuse not to go. (Except I didn't on Friday... wiped out from eating and grocery shopping and seeing my senile/Alzheimers'd granny.) Did I mention that on Saturday my mom and I went and saw the "pet parade"? This was children (12 years and under) with their pets, mostly dogs. There was a baby goat (cute!) and a cat and a hampster thing. We really, really like dogs. Especially big dogs. There were some nice ones. We were like the creepy old people just there to look at strange dogs, without bringing our own. But whatever. DOGS!

Anyways, back to Sunday. My mom and I are not good at leaving the house, apparently. But once we got to the fair, the horse pull competition was still happening. I had never seen one before. There's not much to see. Basically, 2 big horses get to pull concrete blocks. Teams get points for how far the horses pull. And there are different rounds, each one will a heavier load. I don't quite understand the details, but the horses were nice.

There were more horses in the arena. We sat and watched a bit of the western horse show. But it's not really up my alley. Guys (and gals, and kids) on horses trying to gallop ever faster around a few pillars. Glad I saw, but no need to stay very long. Michelle Wright was scheduled to perform at 5pm, so as the hour approached we got some junk food and made our way over to where the music happens . . . and then it started to thunder, and then there was lightening, and then we decided to leave, as did probably everyone else. On our way home it started to pour with rain! I ran most of the way home. The weather cleared up pretty quickly, but we never did hear anything more from the fair grounds, so I didn't head back. Just assumed Michelle Wright never played. But the internet now tells me otherwise. Damn!

Bah, so well for country music. Back to my regular stuff.

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