Friday, April 09, 2010

Watch this: Woodhands, We Are Busy Bodies show, Jason Collett, Young Rival.

My favourite live act, Woodhands, have a brilliant new video! I'm so pleased. It features the gorgeous and charming Maylee Todd in a love triangle with band members Paul Banwatt and Dan Werb. Maylee sings a duet with Dan on this track. Just awesome.

I just came across this neat like video documentary of the We Are Busy Bodies show during CMW that featured Japanther, Doldrums, Rich Aucoin, Quiet Hooves, and Boys Who Say No. Looked like a great show. And check out Eric Warner's snazzy new website for his WABB label/company.

Jason Collett, you sexy/geeky man.

Hamilton 60s-inspired pop-rockers Young Rival have an album coming out in short order, and are headed off an a big tour with Born Ruffians in a couple months. Here's their video for their song "Authentic." It's really cute. I approve.


panic said...

haha i was trying to figure out what loft that was.

historyjen said...

what loft?