Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Watch this: Born Ruffians, Valery Gore (live), METZ (live), Circle Research.

Born Ruffians will release a digital-only single on 4 May. It's called What to Say, and the B-side is the song "Plinky Plonky." On 1 June, their second full-length will come out. It's called Say It, and I, for one, am highly anticipating it! Here's the video for the first single, directed by Jared Raab with help from computer programmer and artist Rob Bairos:

Go see Born Ruffians all over North America in June. I'm aiming to be at their tour kickoff on 28 May at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Download: Born Ruffians, "Sole Brother" (Say It, 2010).

Valery Gore performed at Sonic Boom during Record Store Day. Here's a live video:

And METZ was at Sonic Boom that day, too.

Circle Research recently released a new album, Gardiner Express. Here's a video for one of the songs on it, "You Don't Know Me."


Anonymous said...

Beauty! Great finds, historyjen! The visuals/editing in Born Ruffians' video are really well done, and Valery Gore's charming, intimate performance makes me want to check out the studio version (if there is one!). The editing is very musical in this as well.

METZ-- what a crazy bunch! Video captures the energy; I wish I'd been able to hit up Sonic Boom a couple Sats ago! And Circle Research's "You Don't Know Me" is a fun video for a catchy song-- love the random "look-ups" throughout, and the (to me) hilarious ending!

Looking forward to the next post!!
Musical Love,

historyjen said...

Aw, shucks, thanks. Yeah, I like these ones. I only made it out to Sonic Boom in time to see Sloan... which was so fun!