Thursday, April 01, 2010

A few things: Green Go, Liz Worth, Bishop Morocco, Sing Leaf.

Today Guelph/Toronto electro popsters Green Go released their second remix project on the internet. Like the first one, volume II features reworking of Canadian bands. The band remixed one of their own songs ("Watch Your Step") from 2009's Borders, as well as tracks by some of my favourites: Diamond Rings ("All Yr Songs"), Think About Life ("Sweet Sixteen"), Gregory Pepper & his Problems ("7ths and 3rds"), and Woodhands ("Can't See Straight")! Here's the Woodhands' cut, plus the original.

Download: Woodhands, "Can't See Straight (Green Go remix)" (Remix Project Vol. II, 2010).

Download: Woodhands, "Can't See Straight" (Heart Attack, 2008).

Head over to Green Go's MySpace page to download the rest of the songs, all for free. Watch the promo video here.

Liz Worth's book, Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond, 1977-1981, in on its third printing---the first and second runs are entirely sold out! Clearly the publisher, Bongo Beat Books, had no idea that the book would find so many fans among those who were there and younger people who weren't even alive until after 1981 (including the author herself). As both a historian (in training) and someone interested in the Toronto scene, this is a must-read book for me. The book is a compilation of interviews, all put together to make chronological and thematic sense. The story is told through the words of the people who were there, including musicians, promoters, and fans. I would have liked for Liz to have offered some more of her own commentary, but she didn't see this as her role. That's ok. A worthwhile read.

An except is published on Spinner. You can get yourself a copy of the book in local book and music shops.

Bishop Morocco is James Sayce (ex-Tangiers, Deadly Snakes) and Jake Fairly (Fairmont). They've got a full-length album coming out 1 June, and last month the band has released a free digital single. Included is the song "Last Year's Disco" as well as a remix by Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck. Get it from Hand Drawn Dracula. Here's the music video:

David Como (AKA Sing Leaf) has a new single out, too. Released today, you can get it from the band website for the affordable cost of $pwyc. Sing Leaf used to perform as a five-piece band, but David's now going about it as a solo project. Have a listen to the songs and download them at

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