Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shout out / Review: The Diableros.

Last Tuesday the band released a new 5-song EP, Old Story, Fresh Road, on 12" clear vinyl and digital download. (You can buy a copy of the former from the band at their shows or order it from their website.) The album was recorded with the help of Laurence Currie, who's produced Can-rock favourites like Sloan and Wintersleep. On Friday I went to see the band perform at the Boat in Kensington Market. The show was a testament to the hard work and skill that goes into being one of the city's top lesser-known rock acts.

Ah, the Diableros. The band's 2007 album, Aren't Ready for the Country, was the first album I purchased from Zunior. I was also the first "indie" album I bought without ever having seen the band perform live. All this is the say that I knew then what I know now: this is a quality band.

I didn't actually get to see the Deebs until June 2008 when they performed a blistering set at the Silver Dollar during NxNE. By then the group that recorded the 2007 full-length and the 2005 debut (You Can't Break the Strings In Our Olympic Hearts) had changed considerably, personnel-wise. Now, the 5-piece includes only two original members: singer, guitarist, and lead song-writer Pete Carmicheal, and guitarist Ian Jackson. The lineup's filled out by three former Postage Stamps' members, namely, bassist Keith Hamilton, organ-player Jordan Walsh, and drummer Mike Duffield. The new EP and the live show showcase a band that's both old and new, experienced but excited about what lays ahead, and poised to win over a whole lot of new fans. But don't take my word for it. There are no throw-away tracks here. Awesome stuff. Most of the songs on the EP feature what I think of as the Diableros' signature rock sound, but with stronger vocals than I would have imagined. I'm loving the loud organ, fast-paced drumming, great guitar lines, and, well, everything. Here's my current favourite:

Download: The Diableros, "Heavy Hands" (Old Story, Fresh Road, 2009).

Here's where you can catch the Diableros over the next little while:

Sunday, Oct 18 2009, Montreal, Quebec @L’Esco Bar, 8pm
Friday, Oct 23 2009,Windsor, Ontario @Phog Lounge, 9pm
Saturday, Oct 24 2009,London, Ontario @Evac, 8pm
Friday, Oct 30 2009,Ottawa, Ontario @Zaphod Beeblebrox, 8pm


Mike said...

I loved "Heavy hands" ever hearing the demo a year ago - glad Laurence pulled out smoother vocals from Pete for the studio recording. Looking fwd to hearing the other new songs.

historyjen said...

I know what you mean... and I gotta say Pete sounded really strong on Friday night. It was great to hear! Hope you like the rest of the record, too!