Thursday, October 22, 2009

Podcast 54 (22-28 Oct 09) feat. the Schomberg Fair.

Tyler and I met up with Matt, Nate, and Pete from the Schomberg Fair at a rehearsal space earlier this week to talk about their new record (Gospel - out now!), their upcoming tour, and so they could play us a song. Plus other stuff: how the band classifies their sound, Nate's worst performance experience, the band's plans for the future, and more. Featuring songs by the Schomberg Fair ("Angel's Wings"), Everything All the Time ("I Get So Hot"), Make Your Exit ("Kids"), the Schomberg Fair ("Trouble Will Soon Be Over" [live recording]), Sprengjuhöllin ("Worry till Spring"), and Sky Larkin ("Smarts").

The Schomberg Fair celebrate the release of Gospel on Saturday at the El Mocambo. Also performing at their friends the Unsettlers (and 11-piece band from Montreal) and the Speaking Tongues, on first at 10pm. Cover is $8 at the door, and you'll be able to buy the new record for only $7 more. I hear there will be some surprises....

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