Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas!

After a sleepless night---I must have been reliving my childhood of being too excited about Santa Claus to sleep---I awoke this afternoon in time to hurry up and join my parents and sister in the car for the drive to visit our friends. We had a lovely time, eating good food and playing a card game and generally catching up, etc. I ate way too many sugar cookies (mmm), and am eating them still, since HB packed some up for me to take home!

I brought my camera along to document the event. My sister absolutely would not let me take a decent picture of her! But here's one anyway: (She's wearing my brother's favourite shirt . . . from when he was ca. 5 years old. Perhaps because he couldn't come with us.) And also one of my parents:
And that's pretty much the day. I should probably go to bed early to try and get back on a normal-ish schedule, since I am planning on hitting the archives later this week. But I have a suspicion that won't happen.

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