Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dinner with family.

Yesterday I finished grading (in the wee hours) and packed for my trip home. In the morning (after the sun was up, that is), FN and I went to get breakfast and then chilled out for a bit before I left for the train station and she to a xmas brunch.

Union Station was a mad house! There were so many people, and nearly all the trains out of town were sold out. But in the end the train only left 5 minutes late, and we were totally on time (miraculously) until suburban Ottawa. So we ended up getting to the Ottawa train station rather late. Stupid suburbs....

But here I am in Ottawa, and all is good with the world.

Today was dinner (etc.) with my dad's side of the family. The regular shenanigans ensued. But then my dad decided to drink way too much and had to pass out just as we were sitting down to dinner. As in, he didn't eat with us. My mom is not impressed. Whatever. (He hardly ever does this, hence his not being able to hold his liquor.) It was a good evening, despite the drunken passing out. (My aunt passed out on one of the sofa's later too! What crazy people.) I don't wanna make it sound like these people are all losers: they were having a good time!

My aunt nagged my brother until he sang a song for us. He's a singer in a rock-'n-roll band, you know. And he's much better than he was the last time I heard him. Not that he was bad before or anything. Him and my sister were jamming too, him on the guitar---here he is, and she on the banjo. (But, no, I have no musical talent.)

After dinner my mom and I watched "Little Miss Sunshine." It's fine, but I'm not in love with it like some people I know are!

Tomorrow we're doing the usual Christmas thing, but this time with a twist. We always host our old friends / former neighbours, but this year we're going to their house. Should be good. Also, we decided there will be no presents in our family this xmas (and no tree either), which is most excellent.

To end, here's a pic of our dog, Xena. Happy xmas and etc. to all!!

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E said...

Merry Christmas Jen! Looking forward to catching up in June. Glad your family had a good time - what's Christmas without a bit of alcohol induced passing out?!