Monday, December 04, 2006


I tried. I really tried. To do work today. And I did some. I stared at microfilm for 2 whole hours! And I even thought a bit about the presentation I have to give tomorrow. But that's pretty much it. The rest of the day I, well, hung out with / talked to people. To be fair (to me), it turned out that I was needed for consultation on various academic matters from at least a couple people. And I did some catching up with another three academic colleagues (but ok, these people are also my friends). So, you know, I wasn't just being lazy or anything. However, this re-proves my point about it being extremely difficult to get work done in Toronto, especially on campus. Historians and their ilk seem to be around every corner! Or leaving e-mails in my inbox! Or at the other end of the telephone line! Sigh. So, all in all, I didn't manage to be overly productive today.

(I suppose I should point out that I also ignored my alarm and got out of bed ca. noon. Bad me.)

Tomorrow is another day!

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ec said...

im sorry jp!!! *sob*
i frequently need your wise direction.