Friday, December 04, 2009

Ticket / CD Giveaway: Ketch Harbour Wolves, the Rest, and Chinese Food @ El Mocambo, 11 Dec.

We're now firmly in December, and I'm in a giving mood. So here's yet another musical giveaway!

Next Friday, 11 December, is a stacked bill at El Mocambo: Ketch Harbour Wolves, the Rest, and Chinese Food. Toronto / Cambridge, ON's Ketch Harbour Wolves stand out in my mind for working well as very much a rock band and in their stripped-down acoustic version. I've enjoyed them while sitting on the grass in a backyard and in a traditional rock club setting. If you've been around the Canadian music scene in recent years, you may have heard and loved them, too. After all, their last disc, Dead Calm Horizon, earned the no. 1 spot of Herohill's list of top Canadian EPs of 2008! (And those guys listen to a lot of Canadian music.) With strong vocals---including great harmonies---and an emphasis on lyrical content, KHW offer up catchy yet moody melodic rock. They also create awesome show posters, IMHO.

Download: Ketch Harbour Wolves, "Animals" (Dead Calm Horizon, 2008). Beautiful song.
Download: Ketch Harbour Wolves, "Words" (Dead Calm Horizon, 2008). Ditto... the whole album's great.

In the middle spot Friday night are the Rest from Hamilton. They've recently signed with UK record label Something In Construction, and were across the pond for a few shows in mid-October to spread the word about their gorgeous full-length, Everyone All At Once, released here in Canada earlier this year. They've just put out an EP, Walk On Water. The Rest remind me of Shearwater, a band I love but am not always in the mood for.

Download: The Rest, "Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing" (Everyone All At Once, 2009).
Download: The Rest, "Walk On Water" (Walk On Water, 2009).

Chinese Food round out the bill. Uh... why have I not heard this band before? Listening now and enjoying their pop sensibility. Guess this means I better be sure to hit up this show on time!

Download: Chinese Food, "Party At the Kennedy's" (When The Future Caught On Fire, 2008).

Why am I telling you all this? Oh, right: presents! Courtesy KHW, I've got a pair of tickets to the show plus a copy of their 2008 EP to give away. To get in on this, send me an email (historyjenATgmailDOTcom) with "KHW" in the subject line. Get it to me by Wednesday, 9 Dec, at 11:59pm. I'll let you know the next day if you're a winner. The show's 19+.

Fine Print: Ketch Harbour Wolves, the Rest, and Chinese Food @ El Mocambo (First Floor), Friday, 11 Dec., 9pm, $10 (door, or $8 adv, details here).

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