Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Xmas and all that.

I'm working on some posts, so I'll be back here some time soon.

If you're in Toronto come Boxing Day and beyond and you have a hankering for live music, there are two festivals of sorts to keep you entertained: the Drake's annual What's in the Box shows, and the Garrison's food drive series. Details on those here and here. Great stuff.

Come NYE, all true indie kids will make their way over to the Tranzac to welcome 2010. Details on that here. But there's lots more... if I was a smidge younger and more energetic, I would opt for F'unreal at Sneaky Dee's or Shit la Merde etc. at the Garrison. It seems the Dakota Tavern event---feat. Catl and Bradley Boy---is already sold out. Fans of slightly more "out there" stuff might dig Double Double Land for NYE. There are happenings at Holy Oak, Mitzi's Sister, El Mocambo, the Boat, Augusta House, Wrongbar, Bread & Circus, the Embassy, and everywhere else you might want to go hang out at, of course.

See you at Tranzac?

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