Thursday, November 27, 2008

Library Voices, Provincial Parks

Last night I got to go to the Bovine Sex Club to see Provincial Parks and Regina up-starts, Library Voices. I've mentioned both bands before on this blog, and played them on my podcast. So already you know that I was going to enjoy myself. And I did. Provincial Parks was lovely. Great melodies and lovely harmonies.

Library Voices were, well, crazy! All ten of them are on tour, and they were all up on stage, joyously singing and clapping and otherwise playing their hearts out for an enthusiastic crowd at this small downtown venue. Although I know the Bovine for rock shows, the decor---Christmas lights and stuffed things stuck to the ceiling and walls---definitely fit this band. Library Voices are sweet fun, but not too sweet. There were two high points for me: the uber poppy Vampire Weekend-like "Step Off the Map & Float," and the encore cover of that great Talking Heads song I can't remember the name of. I'd love to hear and see more of this band. Not sure how they manage all ten of them on tour together, but they seemed to be loving every minute of it. The ones I could see, anyways: the members of the band who weren't hidden behind other members of the band.

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