Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jetlagged and thinking about that show.

I'm still very much on Berlin time. The last two nights I have set my alarm so I can take a short early evening nap, but each time I have failed to actually set my alarm, it seems. And so here I am, wide awake at 4:25am. (And I've been awake for a couple hours.) I've been listening to Okkervil River and Shearwater, the two bands I saw in Berlin Monday night. I was only a little familiar with them before seeing them live, but am now very much a fan. This happens a lot with me. Hearing a band, I think, meh, they're ok, but upon taking in the live show, I get it. From then on, listening to a song brings back good memories.

Here's a shot of one-third or so of Okkervil River. FN and I were right up at the front, and a little to the right. They were fantastic. Will Sheff is an amazing front-man. Shearwater plays quieter stuff, but with a great deal of intensity. They were equally fantastic. What a great show! (It had better have been, at 17 euros, ouch.)

Jonathan Meiburg (of Shearwater) told the crowd that they two bands hadn't played together since 2002, and I believe the double-billing that night was a one-off. So, here's to being part of something rare. The internet reveals that the bands are related, and indeed that night they shared backing members.

Shearwater:There was a third band that night, but we missed it. The Ugly Suit, from Oklahoma City. I'll have to go see them if they ever make it to Toronto (where they've yet to play).

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Quadb said...

I'm soooo glad that you got to see Okkervil River. They're one of my faves.