Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where have I been?

If you're paying attention to my little writeups that go along with the details events listings each week, you'll know that I'm still out and about around town. I haven't been updating this blog with my thoughts, though. Sorry. Compiling and editing the listings takes me several hours a week, and doing the podcast adds 2 or 3 more. With life and work (school), this leaves little time for blogging show reviews and posting photos!

Recent highlights include the Laura Barrett CD release (also featuring Ghost Bees, and Dan Werb [Woodhands] on solo piano and vocals w/ guest vocalists). It was a lovely daytime affair. That same day, I got myself to Wavelength and really enjoyed a couple Detroit acts that came up: Prussia and Child Bite. One of them was like arty prog punk with metal influences and lots and lots of facial hair, while the other was like a more soulful Detroit version of Born Ruffians, complete with a Luke Lalonde lookalike. Dinosaur Bones impressed me at Tattoo, and I'm always happy to take in Amos the Transparent, my hometown faves (though I met them here). Meryl, whom I know from the Montreal band Sister Suvi, was crazy amazing at this last weekend's Wavelength, playing solo (w/ Nico Dann on drums for a couple songs) as Tune-Yards. I disliked My People Sleeping, but everyone else loved them immensely, so maybe I was in a mood or something. I caught a few songs from the FemBots at an in-store performance at Soundscapes last Thursday. I cheaped out on attending their proper show ($12 breaks my budget), but this is a band I'm starting to really enjoy. This past week also saw me at my first PWYC Wednesday at Rancho Relaxo. It was a busy night, with Great Lenin's Ghost providing much entertainment. Hilarious.

Phew! Now I rest a bit---with an RAA interlude Tuesday night, maybe---before hitting up Pop Montreal in a big way. Yipee!


mike said...

hello, didn't see you at Ohbijou at Word On The Street...I decided to head downtown last minute to check out the books and see Ohbijou. It was alright, though it was only Casey, Jennifer and Anissa playing as a 3-piece. BTW, just to let you know that RAA are playing with Ohbijou and The Acorn at Lee's Palace on Nov 27, tickets $10.

ps. Fembots are from Toronto not Vancouver.

historyjen said...

OOH! RAA, love them. Thanks Mike, and thanks for the correction. Yeah, wasn't at Word on the Street for too long.