Monday, September 15, 2008

Back at it.

I was back at my normal show-going pace this past weekend, after more than a week off seeing any shows. (Family visit explains that.) Thursday I hit up the Horseshoe for the Pack A.D.'s Toronto CD release. Friday I went to the Oxford Hotel in Kensington Market for a wonderful backyard musical treat from Ketch Harbour Wolves and Howl. Saturday I enjoyed Castlemusic and $100 in the basement of Sonic Boom Records, and on Sunday I spent 7 hours at the Music Gallery (a church) for the ALL CAPS!/Wavelength Rain Cheque Show. All of these musical experiences were quite different from each other. The weekend proved to me once again how diverse this amazing city is for indie music, both in terms of musical style and the kinds of venues you can hear and see it in.

Highlights included Ketch Harbour Wolves and Hamilton Trading Co. They were both beautiful. $100 made me happy too. I would have been more thrilled with The Speaking Tongues and The Pack A.D. Thursday night if it hadn't been so damn loud at the Horseshoe. (Yes, I was wearing earplugs.)

No time for proper reviews, but some visuals will give you a sense of things.Matt and Nate from The Schomberg Fair join Aaron (on guitar) and Pete (behind the drum on, playing a harmonica) on stage. Those Speaking Tongues' guys are hot.Ketch Harbour Wolves. There were brilliant. The backyard was an amazing spot that night. I will totally go back.Jeanette and Keith from Hamilton Trading Co. at the Music Gallery.


nowhere said...

Hey, this is David, the guy you talked to at the Sonic Boom instore. I uploaded the pictures I took of $100 if you're interested:

historyjen said...

Hi David! Great photos, thanks for sending me the link. Will see you again before too long, no doubt.