Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friends in Bellwoods 2 Live Recordings.

One of the best shows I've been to this year was the Friends in Bellwoods release party at Lee's Palace a couple Fridays back. I told you about it earlier. You can read my fellow blogger---bloggist?---Joe's take on this event and the one that happened the next day (part 1, part 2) over at his blog, Mechanical Forest Sound. He's a great live reviewer, but his blog comes with exclusive bonus features: live song recordings! He posts tracks from the shows he goes to, the intention being to capture some of the excitement of the local scene for posterity's sake. He's put together a compilation of his own to compliment his coverage of the Friends in Bellwoods celebrations. You can download the full hour and a half of music here.

Here's the full rundown on what's in it:

Lee's Palace, Friday night:
1. Sylvie Smith, "On Our Own"
2. Evening Hymns, "Broken Record"
3. The D'Urbervilles, "Magic Arrow (Timber Timbre cover)"
4. Forest City Lovers, "Waiting by the Fence"
5. Ohbijou feat. John O'Regan, "The Otherside" (watch a video of this performance here)
6. Ohbijou & friends, "Staten Island Waltz" (watch a video of this performance here)
7. Ohbjijou feat. Nils Edenloff, "The Rest in Peace on Righteous Tides"
8. Ohbijou feat. Reg Vermue & Kelly McMichael, "Heartbeat"
9. Bocce, "Disco Juan"

Tranzac, Saturday:
10. Sebastien Grainger, "By Cover of Night"
11. Canadian Wildlife, unknown.
12. The Phonemes, "Pain Perdu"
13. Samir Khan (solo), unknown
14. The Low Notes, unknown
15. The Cutting Edge, unknown
16. The Dinghies feat. Casey Mecija, "Barkskin"
17. Kite Hill, "Gathering"
18. Bellewoods, unknown
19. Lisa Bozikovic, "Teacher"
20. Kids On TV, "New New Keith Cole"
21. Emma McKenna, unknown
22. Germans, "Sunny Weather Ahead"
23. Snowblink, "Rut and Nuzzle"
24. The Acorn, "Misplaced"

(Joe wasn't sure of all the song titles, but I've filled in some more details.)

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Mechanical Forest Sound said...

Don't forget, folks, this is all for a good cause — if you like this, feel free to do something to help your local food bank!

And, natch, remember to support the artists involved.