Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Podcast 52 (27 Aug - 2 Sep 2009).

And we're back! Jen and Tyler met up with Casey Mecija and James Bunton at the Bellwoods house to talk about the Friends in Bellwoods 2 charity compilation, just out this week in stores and online. With two disks, the compilation includes songs by 40 different bands and artists, including Mecija and Bunton's own Ohbijou, Gentleman Reg, Basia Bulat, Final Fantasy, Great Lake Swimmers, Sebastien Grainger, and tons (well, 34) more. We've got 6 of the songs on this podcast: Forest City Lovers ("Minneapolis"), Canadian Wildlife (AKA Jenny Mecija, "Winter's Moon"), Hooded Fang ("Highway Steam"), The Low Notes ("Glory Glory"), Sylvie Smith ("On Our Own"), and Ohbijou ("An Ode to an End").

For more info on the compilation and the release parties this weekend, click here. It's out now in record stores and online. Information about the Banff residency program that Casey and James talk about can be found here.

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And see you Friday at the release party at Lee's Palace!
Check back tomorrow for my listings for this weekend and into next week.

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